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The right to work is a fundamental right, recognised in several international legal instruments including the UN CRPD. Employment is essential for achieving other human rights and is an inseparable and inherent part of the human dignity. At the same time it also allows the individual and his/her family to earn a living. Insofar as work is freely chosen or accepted, it fosters personal development and recognition within the community.

Service providers to persons with disabilities are facing the challenges of ensuring the adequate support to their service users, so the can  participate in the to the open labour market and enjoy their labour rights as everyone.

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Working out MS in the Workplace: A Practical Toolkit for Employers

by Admin EASPD - Friday, 6 October 2017, 11:47 AM


This toolkit is part of the European Employment Pact, a pledge to support people with multiple sclerosis in the workplace. It is an active effort to build flexibility into businesses and provides practical information for employers. According to a report from The Work Foundation on the career aspirations of people with MS 75% of people with MS declared that the condition had impacted their employment and career opportunities. Moreover, the same study showed how people with MS lose an average of 18 working years due to their condition.