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Skills for Self-Directed Support



The SKILLS project is about self-directed support - letting people with disabilities choose how they receive care. It is about putting the person with a disability into the driver's seat and giving them the power to choose their own care.

This online course contains e-books, videos, and other content. Join and learn how self-directed support works.

Image - a person with a disability; on a wheelchair; interacting with the computer in front of him.

This online course is free for everyone, but you have to make an account first.

What will you find here?

  • E-books on self-directed support (SDS)
  • Videos
  • Real stories of people with disabilities who use SDS
  • Trainers' manual
  • Infographics (mapping of self-directed support in Europe)
  • And more...

About the project

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This platform was created as part of the EU-funded Erasmus+ Project “Improving the Skills & Competencies in Self-Directed Support (SKILLS)” .

SKILLS aims to enable the full citizenship of persons with disabilities by improving skills and competencies of different stakeholders in self-directed support.

SKILLS Partners

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