AGORA is a professional-oriented social networking site for interaction between key stakeholders. Here you can browse through the different categories and interact with other participants.  

You'll find two types of AGORA forums/chats: 

  • Opened to everyone: these are forums/chats based on the core interests of EASPD, where anyone can participate
  • Closed to certain participants: some topics are closed because they are forums/chats dedicated to a specific group (projects, communities of researchers, etc.)

Our open forums are free, however you will need to enroll before accessing. This is a one minute process! 

Take a look first at the different AGORA forums before publishing your comment or doubt. Please try to integrate your publication in the most adequate topic.

Agora section

The FORUM is a space for reflection and sharing of experiences, where you can express your doubts, comments or opinions in with other users that share the same interests as you. Here you can start your own topic or browse through the other topics to join the conversation.

Please check the other topics before creating your own.

There will be an assigned moderator for each forum, an expert on that topic from EASPD.

Don’t hesitate to ask your questions and participate in the discussions! The AGORA depends on the engagement of its public!